PF balance Check Online | Provident Fund Balance Inquiry without UAN

By | March 22, 2019

PF Balance Inquiry Status Check without UAN (Universal Account Number) online now.

Indian government introduced Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) and its miscellaneous Provisions Act in 1952 under Ministry of Labour and Employment. This PF is defiantly best fruit for all employees who are applicable for this service. At time of job retirement age, employee will get huge money by source of PF account. Because finance ministry is offering some interest on their PF amounts every month. So obviously the final amount will be huge.

And employee will donate 12% amount from their salary every month to their EPFO account and employer also donates same amount to their employees EPFO account every month. In employers 12% amount, %, 8.33% amount will be contributing to Employee’s pension scheme and remaining 3.67% of amount to employee EPF account.

Additionally, employer should pay 0.5% to EDLI, Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme and 0.65% of amount to EPF administrative charges and 0.01% of amount for EDLI handling fee. So, at time of retirement age of an employee, will get huge money to inform of provident fund amount and gratuity amount.

pf balance inquiry

employee who are having deductions for PF monthly, they need to check their EPF account also most important. They can verify whether their employer contributing amount or not to their PF account. And they can track details of their PF amount from their account. employee can check their PF balance in different ways. In that, one of techniques is visiting

How to verify PF balance in

Visit this link from computer browser

Then another link you can observe as, click here to know your EPF balance.

Click link and it redirects you to

In that, you can observe member balance information.

Under it, select your state; choose your EPFO office link.

After, enter your PF account number followed by name and registered mobile number.

Then submit it, you will get details about your EPF without UAN number.

If your Universal Account Number (UAN) is registered with EPFO, then you can get your PF related balance and contribution related service by using mobile SMS service. If your UAN is registered with your EPFO account, then follow below steps to get PF balance without UAN. They are:

By sending an SMS – Type message in create a message option like EPFPHO UAN ENG to number 7738299899. All letters should be in caps lock form only. Then you will get an SMS related PF balance, without UAN number.

By giving a Missed call – If your UAN is registered with your EPFO account, and if your mobile number also registered with EPFO then, from that mobile number if you give a missed call to 011-229014016, then you will get a message with your PF related information and PF balance instantly, without UAN number.

By UMANG app – If your android mobile phone having this UMANG app (else download form it play store link and from EPFO option from application home page, if we fill details as per it, we can track and see all PF related balance and information on our mobile phones without UAN number.

So you can check your Employment Provident Fund (EPF) account balance and its information without using Universal Account Number-UAN also by following above techniques.

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by palaparthi venkata umasankar on EPF INDIA
palaparthi venkata umasankar

my pf no is APHYD1464703000 id no is 0000002 kindly display my pf balance amount perticulars status

by Vijetha on EPF INDIA
Pf statements

I want to take a provident pound balence statement . In online Where can I visit to take the printout , Please tel me the total process . Egarly I'm waiting sir .Plz reply

by Venu gokaraju on EPF INDIA
Epfo passbook details

I'm Venu gokaraju I belongs to warangal district can you please tel me in online where can I download the epfo passbook ? Please kindly provide the information ?

by Lehren on EPF INDIA
Pf balence check to toll free number

this is a good website keep it up .this is sidda from Chattisgarh im newly opened my pf account How to check my PF balance through call ? Kindly give me reply

by Aaradhya on EPF INDIA
Pf mobile app info

good morning sir ..., In Google I was seen the new pf mobile app for provident found balence cheking can you please provide the complete information of this app ?

by Dastagiri on EPF INDIA
Pf mobile app installation details

I would like to download the pf mobile app in my phone what is the app installation process please tel me step by step ? Please give me reply ,I'm waiting .

by Anurag on EPF INDIA
Website issues

I already installed the pf mobile app after I opened app it's showing 2 options I clicked the 2nd option of balence but was not opened im getting errors what should I do ? Please resolve my problem .

by Tulasi singh on EPF INDIA
UAN activation with sms process

hi sir ..., Good morning ,

This is tulasi Singh from amaravathi .I'm using narmal keypad phone , how to activate UAN number through sms ? Please guide me sir .

by Drishti on EPF INDIA
Pf balence cheking inforemation

Im from nalgonda district . I forgot my password how to check my pf balence would you help me please ? I'm eargly waiting for Ur reply , thank you in advance .

by Elisha on EPF INDIA
Online pf passbook issues

nice website about epf article , thank you . Im from Bengaluru . Sir I opened the pf passbook in online but it was not showing the last month payment details . How to check it sir . Please help me sir .

by Biswajit on EPF INDIA
Check the pf balence details

this is Biswajit from Gujarat . my UAN number is : 110678446327 can you please check my pf total amount and send me details in my email

by Moniker.k on EPF INDIA
With out pf number pf balence cheking information

i do not have the pf account number . But i have the UAN number how to check pf balence and where can I check in online please kindly help me sir . I'm waiting .

by Suman sharma on EPF INDIA
Pf balance enquiry

It's good to see you the information or knowledge sharing by you through this website and i have a doubt that is it i change my mobile number how can i get balance with new mobile number

by Surabhi on EPF INDIA
Epf passbook

For my epfo account i have passbook and uan number for uan card how can i get it one and in that card my image is pasted or not can i know that info from you

by Maitri on EPF INDIA
Web site issues

in UMANG app I enter my pf account number and next I entre the my name and registered mobile number but it's getting error due to incorrect name what to do sir , please kindly help me

by Pf enquiry on EPF INDIA

Hi I'm sruthi i have an account which is not kyc done how to check balance with mobile number and where is option to check it

by Varalakshmi on EPF INDIA
Epf balance

I'm able to see all my information in epfo website but i didn't know how to get passbook fit my epfo account with uan number how to generate a passbook copy details please

by Prasad kohli on EPF INDIA
Old company pf balence cheking process

I left my job in 2017 . I have the exist company pf account number and UAN number . how to check the pf balence and after applying the pf withdrawl form how many days it will be taken to credit pf money with my account . plz kindly tel me sir .

by Ramya on EPF INDIA
Epf balance enquiry

This information is very useful to everyone who are searching for epf details and is related info and good in future you will contingent l continue like this

by Bindhu on EPF INDIA
How to get passbook

With my uan number and mobile number which is registered while u taking pf account with the help of these two how can i get passbook and tell me the details please

by Mahalakshmi on EPF INDIA
Pf balance enquiry

How to check pf balance in one call how to check by giving a missed call with my number but is was not registered in pf website is it possible

by Oormila devi on EPF INDIA
Pf information

Sir I'm new to pf account and things to do after getting my uan number from my office how can i go through to activate it and register mobile number for getting balance in sms

by Usha on EPF INDIA
Epfo balance enquiry

How to check PF balance with another mobile number which was not registered in my account and I want to know that how to change the mobile for my EPF account thank you.

by Apoorva on EPF INDIA
Epf info through umang app

Good to have that we have app for pf account in playstore here after downloading the app how to go for further details in the app so many options are available how can we choose pf account information

by Himabindhu on EPF INDIA
Epf enquiry

Sir this is my epf number 100522663601 can you check and revert me here my balance and how to i register with a new number in the same account

by Aparna on EPF INDIA
Pf balance

Pf balance of my account is not available after two weeks also i didn't get anything related to epf account and how can I contact my employer with which details can tell me the steps to follow

by Harshi on EPF INDIA
Epf balance

Hi very good article about epfo account and pf balance details your way of explaining is good as understand all keep it up in future thank you

by Silpa on EPF INDIA
Pf information

Hello dear sir how to know that my employer can contribute their share and where can ee identify that thing and how to go further steps please find answers for me and you can give reply here

by Anamika on EPF INDIA
Epfo account details

Here i find everything about epfo account and it's uses how to get activated uan through your step by step procedure and also good to say that every piece of information is needed.

by Sonali on EPF INDIA
Pf set details

Good thing we can do with our pf account like it's a savings account and why the epfo organization didn't add any interest regarding my pf account past 2 years. For this who can i contact

by Anand k on EPF INDIA
Epf details

I saw so many in web but any website i visit fund piece of information about epf organization and it's related things given here thanks to admin

by Damayanthi on EPF INDIA
Pf balance

How to change current address or mobile number to get my provident fund account details and getting sms as balance with new mobile number can you give details to my email id. thanks in advance

by Alekya on EPF INDIA
Pf information

Hi admin after reading your information getting some knowledge and i want to know that how can we transfer pf balance from one account to another account is is possible can you please explain me

by Sriti jha on EPF INDIA
Pf balence checking toll free number issues

hello sir ....., My name is sriti jha from Vijayawada . When I tried to called the toll free number I'm getting any time busy tone on that number , how to call this number plaese tel me any other process to check the pf balence .

by Revanth on EPF INDIA
Epf balance

Sir I'm trying to get pf balance through sms but when i send sms to778299899 it was sending but i didn't get anything from epfo organization regarding my account why like this any suggestions please

by Aafiya on EPF INDIA
Pf balence checking information

sir..., I got the new job in TCS company . I'm the new user of the pf account can you please tel me how to find my pf balence deatails please help me sir . Please quickly give me reply

by Umapathi on EPF INDIA
Pf balance info

When i try to get information about my epfo account through missed call i was getting now I'm changing my mobile number which was earlier given to epf account but with the new number i didn't get any info

by Jay shetty on EPF INDIA
Website issues

thank you for your valuable information , I'm opened the epfo portal after entering the pf account number but it was not taken its showing to first link your mobile number to pf account plz tel me how to link my number with pf ac ?

by Chandini on EPF INDIA
Pf balance

Hello dear admin when i try to get balance through sms with my mobile number i didn't get anything from epfo how to get it

by Himadri patel on EPF INDIA
Website issues

hello sir ..., this is himadri Patel when I'm trying to open the epfo webportal I'm getting some errors on this portal . Please tel me what is the sms farmat to check the provident found balence please kindly give me reply ?

by Hamsa devi on EPF INDIA
Epf balance

It's very useful to me to get additional information on epf info and other related things to do easily for getting sms balance like that keep it up sir

by Ammeta on EPF INDIA
UAN number getting information

good website to know the pf account details thank you sir , I'm from Chennai I recently joined the corporate company . My company was given the my UAN number but unfortunetly I forgot the UAN number .please advice me where can I get UAN number again

by Karman on EPF INDIA
Epf info through app

After viewing this know the we can get various ways of the epf balance and to check without uan login and useful one the umang app. Thank you

by Samaira on EPF INDIA
With UAN pf balence cheking

nice app really helpful to us , can you please tel me sir I do no't have my UAN number .how can i check my pf balence is there any option please kindly help me sir .

by Ekambaram on EPF INDIA
Pf details

Sir how to review my pf account on yearly basis for getting the information on interest added by epfo or my organization share can you help me with pleasure

by Upendra on EPF INDIA
Official website link to check pf balence

useful information giving for us thank you so much to admin . I have a one request to you can you please update a official website link to check Provident found balence ? Please give me reply .

by Abilash on EPF INDIA
Pf balence with drawl

old pf account i didn't do kyc but now i want to draw pf money is it possible how explain

by Myna on EPF INDIA
Pf balence withdraw

I have old pf account which is company does not exist how can i withdraw that money help me sir

by Sunaya on EPF INDIA
Pf withdraw

for my pf account i lost the mobile number which I was given at the time of pf account opening but present i don't have that Mobile number how can i withdraw money

by Rada sri on EPF INDIA
Pf balence check

I have my old account pf account number and i didn't know UAN number how can I check now balance and how can i withdraw

by Saniya on EPF INDIA
Pf balence transfer

I left my job in 2018 I got the job in TCS I want to transfer my old pf ac to new organisation can u plz tel me the process .

by Nandita on EPF INDIA
Pf balence check

logging with my UAN number I'm getting some error on that web portal can u plz tel me any other option to check pf balence

by Rakesh on EPF INDIA
Balence check with sms

how to get my pf balence through SMS can u plz explain the complete process.

by Radha on EPF INDIA
Sms pf balance

After sending SMS like in the format I am getting that this mobile is not linked with any PF account how can I link my mobile with my PF account

by Tanmayi on EPF INDIA
Pf balance

The number you provided install free all chargeable can you tell me

by Prabhu on EPF INDIA
Pf balance enquiry

How to check my PF balance without linking my mobile number is it possible

by Srinu on EPF INDIA
Balance checking

Where can I find my uan number with my PF account listed under EPF login PF balance checking

by Jhon on EPF INDIA
Epf balance check

How to link my mobile number with my PF account because when I dial toll free number I didn't get any sms regarding my PF account balance

by Kiran Kumar on EPF INDIA
Pf balance via email

Hello sir thanks for information providing a website I want PF balance through my mail ID is it possible thank you

by Avinash on EPF INDIA
Mobile number change

Lost of kyc mobile number now want to check pf balance how can i do can i change pf mobile number explain

by Sonali on EPF INDIA
Pf balence check

how to check with another mobile number i lost my kyc number

by Rashmi on EPF INDIA
Pf balence transfer

how to transfer old pf account to new pf account money

by Parimala on EPF INDIA
Pf balance enquiry

When i try to call this number which you provide in content is always busy busy how can i dial

by Subash on EPF INDIA
Pf balance

After entering pf number I'm getting error how can it done

by Poojita on EPF INDIA
Epf balance enquiry

After call the tool free number i can't get anything how

by Jitu on EPF INDIA
Epf balance check

After getting all the info i find the balance thank you sir

by Kavita on EPF INDIA
Pf checking

First my thanks to you after reading your content I am able to find me corresponding links to check my PF account balance

by Dayanand on EPF INDIA
Pf balance

I am unable to identify the state under my company code list like for ugcc not available in Andhra Pradesh because my office is located in Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh

by Uday Kumar on EPF INDIA
Pf balance

After downloading umang app I am able to see the few things . In this options which one is belongs to EPF balance checking

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    can u plz suggest I forgot my UAN no how to find my pf balence without UAN number ?

  2. Sujji

    I was recently opend the pf account how can I get the pf balence with using the epfo portal can u plz help me?

  3. Karina

    where can I download the upfo app what is the uses for this web portal can u plz explain ?

  4. Riya

    I recently got the job I want to apply the pf what documents are required for that plz tel me ?

  5. Lakshmi

    how to install the epfo app can u plz explain the process step by step ?

  6. Ruba

    I’m working in a corporate company since 2017 to till date I want to take the pf statement what is the process to take statement ?

  7. Reshma

    can you plz tel me i missed my UAN no how can I withdraw pf without UAN number is it possible or not ?

  8. Eershita

    in which number I give a missed call to check the pf balence can u post that number ?

  9. Govind

    can plz guide me where can i entre my pf account number to check the pf balence ?

  10. Amala

    how to link my pan number with pf account is it necessary to link pan no plz suggest me ?

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    how to activate my UAN number can u plz help me what is the process for that ?

  12. Shriya

    I would like to know how many ways to check EPF balance can plzprovide the information ?

  13. Sinduja

    I’m unable to open the epfo portal can u plz tel me can I check my epf balence through a missed call ?

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    can u plz tel me what is sms format to get the epf balence status ?

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    I’m working in a Pvt engineering college . I’m full bsy with classes and exams so I have no time to go online portal so plz suggest how can I get my pf balence through SMS ?

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    I want to check my epf balence on my mobile it is possible or not and what is the process ?

  17. Pranati

    I lost my registered mobile no and also I forgot the UAN number also but I want to check my pf balence can u plz help is there any way to check my pf balence ?

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    I did’t activate my UAN number is it possible to check the pf balence through SMS ?

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    can u plz tel me what is the UAN number registration process ?

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    hi sir im Bhanu Sri I have lost my old pf attached number now I want to with draw my pf balence what is the process sir can you plz help me

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