EPFO UAN Account Linking with AADHAR UID number online | UAN Aadhar Linking

By | January 26, 2019

Link UAN with Aadhar UID number starts now in epfo uan login portal. Steps to Link EKYC to EPFO UAN Account.

Indian government introduced Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) and its miscellaneous Provisions Act in 1952 under Ministry of Labour and Employment. This EPF is defiantly best fruit for all employees who are applicable for this service. At time of job retirement age, employee will get huge money by source of EPF amount. Because, employee will donate 12% of their salary and employer also donates same amount, which is 12% of their employee’s salary to EPFO every month.

Till now, process was good. But what happens, if employee changes his/her company due to some reasons? Even though if he/she got another job also, again that new company should open another new EPF account and other formalities. So this is a somewhat long & hectic process. And what about previous organisation EPF fund ??  So, to smoothen these type of problems, Honourable Prime minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi introduced UAN on October 1, 2014. This UAN brings all your different provident fund accounts to under one roof. By this UAN, problems and confessions of employees were smoothened.

So, this UAN helps employee even he/she changes company, he/she can continue same EPF account. By this UAN employee can get below advantages.

If employee having UAN, even though if employee changes company, he/she no need to opt for another EPF account. If employee having UAN, with that UAN, he can continue new PF amount to same PF account.

employee can check their PF balance at any time.

You can put a request for transferring EPF amount.

You can claim PF amount partially or fully.

As per digital India theme, employee should link their UAN with Aadhaar card number. Linking UAN with Aadhaar can be done in two possible ways. They are

  1. Using Biometric device at https://iwu.epfindia.gov.in/eKYC/
  2. Link your UAN with Aadhaar at https://iwu.epfindia.gov.in/eKYC/ using OTP verification method.

Now will see process to link UAN with biometric device and through OTP method.

Linking of UAN number with Biometric device at https://iwu.epfindia.gov.in/eKYC/

Open link https://iwu.epfindia.gov.in/eKYC/ from your website browser

Then a web page displays having information and click on Link UAN Aadhaar

A new window will come and in that enter 12 digit UAN number

Click on Aadhaar verification line enable Using Biometric option

Enter registered mobile number with UAN

And click on GENERATE OTP

Enter OTP in CONFIRM OTP column

Fill AADHAAR NUMBER correctly

Enter captcha correctly

Then click on SUBMIT

Then you will get a new window, in that it shows selected biometric devices and give your thumb impression as per it requirement and click on SUBMIT

If everything is completed correctly, it will display a message as you have successfully completed UAN successfully linked with Aadhaar else if it’s already done it shows message like UAN already linked with Aadhaar

Link your UAN with Aadhaar at https://iwu.epfindia.gov.in/eKYC/ using OTP verification method.

Open link https://iwu.epfindia.gov.in/eKYC/ from internet browser

A new window will display, in that first enter UAN number

Enter registered MOBILE NUMBER which liked with UAN



Enter GENDER whether Male or Female


Click on AADHAAR VERIFICATION type – select Using mobile based OTP

Enter Captcha code which displayed on below if it’s not understood you can refresh it

Then select SUBMIT button.

You can track details, whether UAN successfully linked with Aadhaar or not by any method.

How to track UAN linked with Aadhaar or not?

Click on link https://iwu.epfindia.gov.in/eKYC/

Click on TRACK EKYC button.

In next page, enter UAN number and captcha correctly.

Then click on TRACK EKYC, you will get details related to it.

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