EPFO UAN Generation with Aadhar UID Number starts now in EPF Unified portal

UAN known for Universal Account Number, this UAN is 12 digit number and it’s mandatory for every employee who is opting the scheme Employment Provident Fund. With this UAN number, an employee can track all the details regarding their EPF amount. Before, 2014 there was no UAN number. The prime minister of India Shri Narendra Modi introduced this universal account number UAN.

Advantages of having EPFO UAN Number

If any employee changes the company due to any reason he/she can continue the same PF account.

The employee can check their PF balance at any time.

Employee can get your previous member ID’s.

PF Account holder can put a request for transferring the EPF amount.

Registered users can claim the PF amount partially or fully.

To utilize the above advantages the employee should generate their UAN number. Previously, this UAN number only generated by the employer only. And after generating the UAN, the employee needs to activate it and fill the KYC as per norms. During this process, the employer faces many problems for generating UAN and its activation process. So, the officials smoothen this problem. Now the employee can generate the UAN number online with Aadhaar card also. This option works only those who verified their mobile number with the Aadhaar card.

The process to generate the EPFO UAN with Aadhaar card:

Open this link https://unifiedportal-mem.epindia.gov.in/memberinterface from the internet browser.

Identify and click the Online Aadhaar Verified UAN Allotment.

In the next window, need to fill the Aadhaar details and click on Generate OTP.

Then you will get the OTP to the registered mobile number.

Then enter the OTP and click on SUBMIT to start the verification process.

A new window will come and fill all the required details to get the UAN number instantly.

Then solve the captcha and accept the disclaimer section.

Then click on the register button.

You will get a new epfo UAN number on the screen. Please note down the UAN number. It’s created only once per employee only and you can’t edit it and delete it.

Follow the above steps to create UAN number with Aadhaar card. If already the employee registered with UAN number, then it will display the message like, you already registered with UAN.

49 thoughts on “EPFO UAN Generation with Aadhar UID Number starts now in EPF Unified portal”

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