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By | February 22, 2019

Employment provident fund is one of most useful benefits for every employee who is applicable for this scheme. This scheme was not applicable before 1952 in India. After getting independence from British rulers, Indian government is trying to implement new rules and regulations and benefits to employees who are working for private organizations and government organizations. Then they thought of this EPF and Indian government introduced and implemented Employee’s Provident Fund and its miscellaneous Provisions Act in 1952 under Ministry of Labour and Employment of India.

As per this EPF scheme, companies which are maintaining twenty or more than twenty employees, in those employees who are earning equal or below than 15000 INR per month as a salary they are mandatory for registering an EPF account. And those who are earning more than 15000 INR also their wish to join in this EPF account. Now, most companies are giving EPF facility to their employees. This EPF amount should not be withdrawn up to employee age near 60 to 62 or up to their retirement time.

Because, if an employee is eligible for this EPF scheme, there will be a deduction of 12 % amount from their salary to their EPF account. Simultaneously, employer should give same. Here, is a small note, employer contributing 12% amount to employee EPF account. In this 12%, 8.33% amount will be contributing to Employee’s pension scheme and remaining 3.67% of amount to employee EPF account. Additionally, employer should pay 0.5% to EDLI, Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme and 0.65% of amount to EPF administrative charges and 0.01% of amount for EDLI handling fee.

How EPF Deductions for an employee and employer?

Here, below example clearly gives an idea regarding EPF deductions for employee EPF account.

Nikhil is working with an organization called ABC, and this organization offering EPF scheme for their employees. Nikhil monthly basic salary is 20000 INR. So, there will be a deduction of 12% from Nikhil salary to his EPF account. And at same time, his organization also contributing to his EPF account of same, which is 12% amount of Nikhil salary. And additionally, his organization is contributing 0.5% to their employee EDLI, 0.65% to EPF administrative charges and 0.01% for EDLI handling fee. All these deductions are as per employee monthly basic salary. Here, in this example, Nikhil basic salary is 20000 INR, so all deductions are as per this amount. Let’s see mathematical deductions:

Nikhil basic monthly salary is 20000 INR.

Nikhil, employee contributing 12% of salary to his EPF account, which is 2400 INR. It’s indicating, there will a deduction of 2400 INR every month from employee salary.

employer also contributing 3.67% of employee (Nikhil) salary which is, 734.00 INR to employees EPF account every month until that employee continues his services to organization. And,

Here, employer contributing remaining of 8.33% of their employee salary, which is 1666 INR to employee’s pension scheme.

As per Employment provident fund Act, finance ministry should offer some interest to employee’s provident fund which was in their EPF account. From 1952, EPF interest rate was 3% and now, finance ministry offering interest on EPF amount is 8.55%. So now, all employees PF amount is increased by an interest of 8.55% per month. government offering 8.55% interest on their EPF amount monthly.

In above we have taken one example, so as per it:

Employee 12% PF deduction is – 2400 INR

Employer 3.67% PF contribution to their employee EPF account is – 734.00 INR

Combination amount of employee provident fund amount is 3134 INR every month. employee EPF account is credited every month by amount of 3134 INR.

For 1 year:  3134*12 = 37,608 INR.

With adding of 8.55% interest rate to this amount, then it will be 40,823 INR.

This is for one-year EPF amount of an employee. If employee continues his services from his age of 25 to 60 years in same organization, and if government also offering same interest rate on PF which is 8.55%, then total amount will be, 14,28,821 INR ( fourteen lacks twenty-eight thousand eight twenty-one rupees).

Remaining employers 8.33% of amount, employee will get in form of pension as a symbol of token his services to that organization.

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