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By | January 22, 2019

Most of employees know how EPF is powerful and useful to them. This is the one of the best service from their employers and the Government of India to them. The private organization and government organization employees will get this EPF service as a token of their service to them.

Brief Example of EPF maturity and Balance Checking:

Each and every month, there is 12% deduction from employee salary until he/she left the company, and at the same time their employer also contributes the same 12% amount of their employee salaries to employees’ individual EPF account monthly. This amount deposited in the EPFO account, which is maintained and monitored by Ministry of labour and Employment, Govt. of India. And now, the government of India offering interest on EPF is 8.55%. So, each employees EPF amount is increased by 8.55% rate of interest per yearly.

epf balance check online

Assume, at age of 23 employee A starts his job with 30000 in Company A, and both are contributing the 12% amount towards employee EPF account until employee reaches the age 62(It’s the retirement age in India now).

12% of 30000INR is 3600INR

3600 * 12 = 43200INR

43200*39 = 16, 84,800 INR and add 8.55% interest to it. So defiantly the amount will be huge at the time of employee A, retirement time. And this interest rate is changes every year.

So, keeping safe of this EPF amount and Knowing of this EPF amount is out most important thing.

What is EPFO UAN number?

For example, the monthly salary of A. Ravi Kumar is 20000INR, so the employee contributes 12% of his salary, it means 2400INR & Ravi Kumar Company also contributes the 2400INR to EPFO every month to Ravi Kumar EPFO account, until Ravi left that company.

Till now, the process was good. But what happens, if the employee changes his/her company due to some reasons? Even though if he/she got another job also, again that new company should open another new EPF account and other formalities. So this is a somewhat long & hectic process.

And what about the previous organisation EPF fund ??  So, to smoothen these type of problems, Honourable Prime minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi introduced UAN on October 1, 2014. This UAN brings all your different provident fund accounts to under one roof. By this UAN, the problems and confessions of the employees were now calm down.

How to Find the EPF balance Instantly in online at epfindia portal:

To Know the EPF balance by visiting the link

Visit the above link from your internet browser.

Click on Employers portal.

You will get n new window with address.

Enter your username and password in the employers Sign in window. And click on Sign in.

Then you can the next page “Member Balance Information”.

After entering the employer credentials like, state name, pf account number, anme and registered mobile number and submit.

You will get the EPF balance amount on the screen.

To Know the EPF balance With UAN number

Visit the above link from your internet browser.

Select employee from service dialog box.

Check services option.

Select member passbook under the services option

Next passbook webpage will open, Enter your UAN number, password and captcha to view your passbook.

This passbook will display your current employer details, office name, and EPF balance and etc details.

By sending SMS from registered mobile number

To utilize this service, your UAN number should be registered with EPFO.

If it’s registered, send SMS to 7738299899, type message like EPFPHO UAN ENG

Type the characters in caps lock mode only.

Then you will get an SMS having details your EPF balance.

EPF BALANCE Check with Missed Call:

Give a missed call on 011-229014016 from your registered mobile number in UAN portal.

You will get EPF balance details on your phone.

Check your EPF Balance with UMANG Mobile Andriod or IOS application:

Visit from your mobile and download the UMANG application.

Once the app is installed, select the EPFO option.

Then select the “Employee centric services option” and enter EPF universal account number.

You will be able to login using an OTP that will be sent to registered mobile number.

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