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EPF India Online Employees Provident Fund Organization has started the online portal at epfindia.gov.in or epfindia.com. The biggest social security organization was offering various services for Employees, Employers, Pensioners and all the Non Resident Indian Employees.

In year of 1952, Indian government introduced and implemented Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) and its miscellaneous provisions Act in 1952 under Ministry of Labour and Employment of India. Before 1952 private and government employees who were working in organizations they don’t have any idea about Employment Provident Fund (EPF) and its uses and advantages. If employee comes under EPF scheme, there will be some percentage of salary deduction every month from their account to their EPFO account until their retirement time.

And these EPFO accounts will be awarded some interest monthly, until employee retirement’s age. So, at time of retirement, employee will get huge money to inform of provident fund, because employee and employer contributing some amount monthly over several years and this amount will be added with some interest, so provident fund amount will be huge.

There are some conditions to deduction of amount from employee salary to their EPFO account. And, employer should contribute same amount, how much employee donating to their EPFO account. As per this EPF scheme, companies which are maintaining twenty or more than twenty employees, in those employees who are earning equal or below than 15000 INR per month as a salary they are mandatory for registering an EPF account.

And those who are earning more than 15000 INR also their wish to join in this EPF account. Now, most companies are giving EPF facility to their employees. This EPF amount should not be withdrawn up to employee age near 60 to 62 or up to their retirement time.  Because, if an employee is eligible for this EPF scheme, there will be a deduction of 12 % amount from their salary to their EPF account. Simultaneously, employer should give same.

Here, is a small note, employer contributing 12% amount to employee EPF account. In this 12%, 8.33% amount will be contributing to Employee’s pension scheme and remaining 3.67% of amount to employee EPF account. Additionally, employer should pay 0.5% to EDLI, Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme and 0.65% of amount to EPF administrative charges and 0.01% of amount for EDLI handling fee.

Here is interesting matter comes, deductions and interest and employer also contributing some amount to their employee EPF account. But we need to platform to check what are monthly deductions and employer contribution and available provident fund amount till now is and how to withdraw it etc. For all these quires this website will helps employees, i.e., https://www.epfindia.gov.in. This website is maintained by Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India.

The motive of this website is to provide complete information, latest updates and user guide to use the EPF India portal. The Universal Account Number to link to Employees provident fund accounts is live in EPFO UAN portal. Check out the list of services available for employers, Employees and pensioners.epf india online services

Employers Services available in EPF India:

New Registration of an Establishment.

Online payment and submission of Challan, ECR & OTCP

Grievance registration

Principal Employer Online Application.

Prime Minister Rojgar Protsahan Yojana.

TRRN Search till 2016 and After it.

Searching of an existing establishment.


Important Things to know about EPF India and EPF updates:

Provident Fund Interest Rates and Updates.

Steps to calculate Provident Fund.

National Pension Scheme Calculation Online.

EPF Balance Checking Online.

EPF Balance Transfer to Account.

Aadhar KYC Linking for PF account.

Checking EPF Claim Status Online.

TDS Deduction of Provident Fund Account.

EPF Online Payment

EPF Online Withdrawal Application form.

Employees Services available in EPF India Portal:

Employees Member Passbook Registration.

One Employee One EPF Account linking.

COC Fillable Application form.

Pensioners Portal.

Check the forms to use for Online Submission.

Missed Call alert service.

SMS Shortcode Service.

Downloading of latest documents, circulars and employees PF updates.

Pension Scheme for UN-Organized Workers.

Pensioners Services started in EPF India online website:


International Workers Provident Fund Services:

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by S.Shankar on EPF INDIA

Please send me application from for EPF UAN Account Opening

by Namrita on EPF INDIA
Official website link details

good information sharing thanks for admin . Can you please post the official website link to check Provident found balence please kindly provide the information.im waiting for your reply

by Jayaram on EPF INDIA
Pf withdrawal

Very useful article thanks for admin . I lost my job 2 months back ,now I have the financial problems I want to claim my pf amount plz tel me what is the process . Urgently give me reply sir

by Sandya on EPF INDIA
About pf amount claim status

I recently applied the pf amount withdrawl form in Hyderabad epf office .so please tel me where can I check the pf claim status in online ?Plz quickly give me reply

by Rekha on EPF INDIA
Pf information

hello sir...., This is Rekha Singh . I recently changed the new company how to claim my old company pf account ? Play se tel me sir about this information as soon as possible

by Sandya on EPF INDIA
Pf information known toll free number

can you please provide the toll free number to know the important things to porovident found account and all information ? Give me reply sir Im waiting .thank you

by Vardhan on EPF INDIA
Pf rules

Hi i want to claim my pf balance can you please tel me what is the pf withdrawl rules and restrictions .kindly update the information .I'm waiting for your valuable suggestions

by Surya on EPF INDIA
Adhar number link to UAN acount

this is a very good website . Please tel me sir in online where can I link my Aadhar number with UAN account ? Please help me .please any one can give me reply

by Yemi on EPF INDIA
Pf amount transfer information

hello sir ..., This is yemi from Gujarat state . please tel me how to transfer my pf amount with old organization to new organization kindly provide the information .thak you sir .

by Santhosi on EPF INDIA
Pf balence check to mobile

hi sir..., my name is santhoshi . I belong to Kerala .how to get the pf balence status and latest Updates through mobile . is it possible r not please tel me the process ?

by Vikram on EPF INDIA
Pf balence withdrwal information

gud website important information sharing to all thanks for admin .sir how can I claim my procident found balence and what is the process ? Please Kindly give me reply .

by Phanindra on EPF INDIA

What is the sms formate to check the pf balance please kindly provide the step by step complete information thank you

by Parvathi on EPF INDIA
Epf info

nice website , can you please update the 2019 pf interest rates and latest updates about pf and related information on this

by Adithya on EPF INDIA
With out UAN pf amount withdrwal process

hi sir ...,this is Adithya from nellure district . I want to recover my pf amount but I didn't have the UAN number ,How to withdrwal my pf balence please kindly help me sir .

by Prerana on EPF INDIA
Epf enquiry

I want to claim my pf . balance .but I only have the UAN number I missed my pf account number what should I do plz help me sir how can I get my pf ac number ?

by Neelima on EPF INDIA
Pf balance

I'm interested to check my pf balence but my company was not given the UAN number .please tel me with out uan number how to check pf balence .

by Vanaja on EPF INDIA

can you please guide me what is the online process to activate the UAN number ? Please help sir thank you .

by Manashi on EPF INDIA
Important to link adhar with pf ac

can you please tel me I want to know one thing is it necessary to link addhar number with pf account ? Please quickly any one can give me reply .I'm waiting thank you sir.

by Anupama on EPF INDIA
Epf enquiry regarding

this is Anupama from warangal. I'm a new user of pf account ,how much amount will be deducted with my salary in epf account please guide me sir

by Harsha on EPF INDIA
Balance enquiry

my name is Harsha , I belong to West Bengal . I want to download my epf pass book what is the process sir . Please kindly provide the information on this thank you

by Narmada on EPF INDIA
Missed call service

Reading this article about miss call service I am now able to get my PF amount in single call where SMS is getting everytime it is it to know EPF balance without login

by Ramya on EPF INDIA
Epf transfer

Recently I changed the company as for new company rules and regulations I taken new EPF account but here the problem I have some amount in my old PF account which was taken in my old office how can I transfer my first PF account to new PF account my old PF money is it possible if yes can you explain thank you

by Yalamcharla prasad on EPF INDIA
Epf withdrawal

For withdrawing EPF amount which was not used in about seven years is it mandatory to fill the offline form and submit for any online process is there for faster withdrawal without delay for this how can I approach . suggestions please

by Priyanka rajesh on EPF INDIA
Epf final settlement

Hi this is Priyanka from Bangalore recently I resigned my job and I got married in future at don't want to do any job now now it's time to you take my totally pf balance like a full and final settlement is it possible and how how can explain the process

by Uma shankar on EPF INDIA
E kyc update

For the first time opening PF account in online and for the E KYC is updated all the documents in my company before 2 months and now the KYC is not completed why it is not completed any idea about my problem why it is not completed any idea about my problem

by Harika undavalli on EPF INDIA
Epf interest

Every year we got hike increment in our salaries and the interest which are providing by EPF is same for every year or it will be increase as per EPF account opening age explain the interest process once again

by Sarika on EPF INDIA
Epf uan activation

Previously i checked in online for uan number activate for my pf account but i didn't get right info this one is good and clear keep it up in future

by Prajwal on EPF INDIA
New organization establishment

I'm planning to establish an small organization which is having 20 to 40 people of it is and it is mandatory to provide pf account for my employment..

by Yogesh on EPF INDIA
Epf complaints

After given an email to epf grievance cell is it ok we relax the issue was soon getting solved or we are in touch with them for progress of issue or happened

by Pankaj agarwal on EPF INDIA
Epf complaints

Sir i have an issue with my previous organization for claiming the pf account money g how can i approach grievance cell for complaint about this problem can you suggest me something useful

by Gomathi on EPF INDIA
Epf balance check

For every time i check my epf balance i didn't get anything about my pf account why this is happening in already link my mobile number to my pf account

by Mourya on EPF INDIA
Pf interest rates

Still I'm getting confused for epf balance interest in pf balance how can they calucated the interest for pf amount and what it percentage of the money we are getting in our account after declaration of interest rate

by Revanth on EPF INDIA
Pf information

Good to know that this website providing such a good information on employee provided fund and the information providing here is very useful to everyone .

Thank you admin such a great work.

by Kalyan on EPF INDIA
E kyc

I don't have pan card and recently applied for that and got some message about pan card and now it the time to open pf account in my company for this how can i go for further to open epf account

by Tulasisdas on EPF INDIA
Epf grievance

When I have any issue with the EPF balance withdrawal I don't know what to do and to whom I contact a person after reading the information in your website it easily to complaint at grievance cell about my problem and as soon as I will get feedback from them thanks for your information

by Wesley on EPF INDIA
Epf transfer

Sir I'm regular visitor of your websites and I'm having two epf accounts in my old organization and new organization and when i try to transfer money from old to new pf amount I'm unable to transfer because of e kyc for old account how can I get e kyc which was in my old organization

by Uday kumar on EPF INDIA
Uan activate

I am joining a new company as my first job and before I search web I don't know how to activate my uan with my EPF India with my mobile number even my company people also doesn't tell me activate my PF account uan number after reading this information I am easily activate my uan

by Ramanarao chaganti on EPF INDIA
Pension epf transfer

Now i want to transfer my pension to my son epf account how can i transfer this on time online is it possible to do it can you suggest or explain if possible thank you

by Tanmayi on EPF INDIA
Epf claim status

Good information provided here and I am very happy to value this information is valuable but I have one doubt after submitted my claim why it's taking process to settle after the allotted time how to to get touch with the people to settle my claim

by Shivani on EPF INDIA
Pf amount calculation information

hello sir.., your proving very valible information for this web site .can you please tel me how to calculate the provident found amount plz help sir .

by Yamini on EPF INDIA
Claim details

can i know information on claim status through mobile number

by Rambabau on EPF INDIA

when can i know that the pf balance is transfer to my bank account

by Umakanth on EPF INDIA
Pf balance claim

how to approach the process of submitting claim

by Hemalata on EPF INDIA
Claim details

is there any problem after claim the pf balance

by Anand Kumar on EPF INDIA
Kyc update

Is there any option available for offline kyc update if yes tell me

by Samhitha on EPF INDIA
Pf Claim

when can i get my claim has been approved once i applied for pf claim

by Sumathi on EPF INDIA
Pf Claim status

1 when can i get my claim has been approved once i applied for pf claim

by Rangarao on EPF INDIA
Claim status

how to know my claim is processed successful

by Pramodh on EPF INDIA
Epfo claim

after successful processing of my pf balance withdraw claim in how many days i got money to my bank account

by Uma on EPF INDIA
Claim info

where is the full information on claim status

by Tirupathi on EPF INDIA
Claim status

how to get claim intimation of the process or progress via email

by Tulasi prasad on EPF INDIA
Epf interest

Hwo can i know that my epf balance is getting interest in which percentage for every month

by Shankar on EPF INDIA
Pf Claim

is there any fastest option available for claim

by Saraswathi on EPF INDIA
Epf uan number

How can i withdraw my pf balance by using UAN number explain please

by Ramadevi on EPF INDIA
Uan with aadhaar

How to get uan number with aadhaar card

by Trivikram on EPF INDIA
Uan activation

How can i go offline for my uan number activation

by Sumathi on EPF INDIA
Pf balance transfer

How can i transfer my pf balance by UAN number

by Pankaj on EPF INDIA
Pf balance check

Where can get epf balance checking toll free number

by Umadevi on EPF INDIA
Epf interest

If i withdraw my epf amount by partial is there any variation in getting interest

by Tirupathi on EPF INDIA
Uan number

Good to see you how can i get my uan number with aadhaar number

by Kamakshi on EPF INDIA
Uan activation

When can i get notification about my uan is activated with aadhaar number

by Praveen on EPF INDIA
Pf ac open in online

by using pf account number can I login in the pf passbook website or not

by Madura on EPF INDIA
Epfo web portal issues

I login for passbook website but after 6 hours it doesn't show anything how it's solve

by Samyukta on EPF INDIA
Using web portal to download pabook details

how to get passbook for my pf account

by Radika on EPF INDIA
Pf transaction detais

where can I get my monthly pf transaction details

by Mamata on EPF INDIA
Epfo web portal issues

After login in passbook webpage it shows nothing why it happens

by Firoj on EPF INDIA
Epfo website issues

When i click passbook option new window opened and asking for login i provide my pf login details but it shows error how to solve this

by Ahyan on EPF INDIA
Register process of pasbook

How to register for passbook and when can we get after registration

by Nagesh on EPF INDIA
Pf balence withdraw

Where to go for withdrawal of pf amount in Maharashtra Bangalore City

by Nakul on EPF INDIA
Pf balence transfer

how can I transfer PF account money to my bank account which was linked with pf account

by Bavya on EPF INDIA
Pf money withdraw rules

when can i withdraw my PF account money is there any restrictions

by Saira on EPF INDIA
Pf balence withdraw process

what are the steps involved in withdraw pf amount please explain

by Lasya on EPF INDIA
Pf amount withdraw

after resign currently working job when can i apply for withdrawal of pf amount

by Menaka on EPF INDIA
Official website link to check ppo

where can i find link for PPO information in epf website

by Samita on EPF INDIA
To get pf information

where is our national data center for pf account

by Sanjay on EPF INDIA
Pf balence withdrawl

i left the present job not joined anywhere how can I withdraw pf amount

by Nirupam on EPF INDIA
Pf balence withdrawl

I'm currently working with an organization how can i withdraw pf amount in emergency please explain

by Suseela on EPF INDIA
Pf amount withdrawl

can you please post how to withdraw pf account money

by Prameela on EPF INDIA
Pf money withdraw information

If i withdraw pf money after 3 years of job is there any problem in future to my pf account

by Lilly on EPF INDIA
Pf balence information

how long i can be keep pf money in my account

by Raju on EPF INDIA
To check UAN in online

where is the option available to get my UAN card

by Srujan on EPF INDIA
Pf money withdraw information

which documents are required for withdraw pf money

by Mona on EPF INDIA
Update ekyc on pf account

how can i update my e-kyc through online and what is the process

by Sailu on EPF INDIA
Pf balence withdraw

what is the process for the withdraw pf amount steps please

by Latha on EPF INDIA
UAN I'd uses

UAN card for what useful explain please

by Asish on EPF INDIA
Pf money withdraw in online

where is pf account withdraw option in epf website can you explain

by Puspa on EPF INDIA
Printing time in UAN I'd issues

after printing UAN card it not contain my image how to solve

by Sri kumar on EPF INDIA
Pf balence transfer

how to transfer pf account balance to another pf account is it possible

by Leena on EPF INDIA
To take uan print out in online process

How to print UAN card

by Srija on EPF INDIA
In web portal UAN I'd cheking

how to get my pf UAN card and where it will be available

by Hisika on EPF INDIA
Pf withdraw in online

How can go for aadhar based claim online process

by Heena on EPF INDIA
Pf balence withdraw

how to take my pension from epf for the first time

by Manoj on EPF INDIA
Pf balence status

how can i know my pension status

by Charita on EPF INDIA
Documents details to open pf ac

Im not having pan number can I open pf account

by Surat on EPF INDIA
To get pf ac details

how to get my PF account information through email

by Mahisa on EPF INDIA
To get bank details of pf ac

where can i find my bank details in PF account information

by Suchitra on EPF INDIA
UAN account activation in online

can u plz tel me I'm activating the UAN account in webportal but I did'nt get the unique code what should I do ?

by Litik on EPF INDIA
To get old pf ac details

can i get information on pf bank details of my old pf account

by UAN account activation in online on EPF INDIA
UAN account activation on online

I'm entering the otp number but it's not taken its showing some error plz help me is there any option ?

by Sarmila on EPF INDIA
To link pan no with pf ac

how to know that my pan card number is linked with my pf account

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